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What scientists and farmers say about agricultural biotechnology

Fighting misinformation and accurately communicating science to inform the public about the real benefits versus perceived risks of biotechnology is a joint responsibility of decision makers, farmers, and scientists alike. This is why EuropaBio helped to organise the 5th Meeting of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research in April 2018, to encourage an informed discussion and debate about the subject with all stakeholders. The science shows that advanced methods of plant breeding, which in some cases may include GM crops, can and do already provide significant benefits.

Listen to some of the speakers interviewed after the conference, to learn why Europe can benefit from biotechnology, should trust more in food risk assessment, and should do more to bring its food assessment procedure in line with scientific principles. It’s time to stop unnecessary mandatory animal feeding trials, and start letting the benefits of sound science more fully reach farmers and consumers in the EU, and around the world!

The full video of the conference and interviews can be accessed here.