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EU debunks Seralini scare yet again, but maintains mandatory animal testing

Do mandatory feeding studies for GM import approvals make sense? The short answer is no. In 2012, Prof. Seralini claimed that GM maize induces tumors in rats. The accusation made the front pages by way of "thoroughly prepared manipulation of science & media", as Le Figaro pointed out in July 2018. This disinformation led to even wider spread unfounded fears of the public in France and beyond, and it directly led the EU to impose animal feeding studies for GMO import authorisations. Now the results of two EU-funded independent studies confirm the lack of negative health effects of GM maize, and the fact that there is no scientific basis for the mandatory feeding studies provided for by EU legislation. The unnecessary delays and spending in the process, at the needless use of animals, must finally end now. Read more by EuropaBio and by Bayer’s Dr. Julian Little, as well as on Alliance for Science. The topic was also covered by the the French biotechnology association AFBV in a press release and in other French media, including ContrepointsFrance Agricole and Enviscope.